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How to wear suspenders stylishly for men

Oct 21

Suspenders are not just for gramps anymore. Some say that suspenders are back in style, but stylish men have known this fact long before the trend came into fashion. Here I will show you how to wear suspenders stylishly and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe so you can look great every day of the year.

How to wear suspenders for office style

You may want to wear suspenders at the office, but you will need a shirt and tie. Wearing a tee-shirt with suspenders is like wearing socks with sandals; it's just not right. Look sharp by wearing plain black or brown leather or fabric belts that match your shoes. Matching your belt color with your shoes will not only look good but also give you a polished look that is perfect for the office or even an interview. If you do wear suspenders in the office, make sure they are solid colors; no patterns.

Wearing suspenders when meeting clients 

It's best to wear your suspenders over your suit coat or blazer when you are out with clients. Some people might think that wearing suspenders in public is weird, but it is not if you wear them under a blazer or jacket. Suspenders worn this way will keep the lines of your clothes clean and sharp. If you want to be super stylish, you can wear suspenders with your slacks and no belt. This look, however, is most appropriate for nightlife or dressed-up events.

How to wear suspenders on casual days 

Suspenders are very classy when worn properly under a blazer or suit coat. You can also pair them with jeans if you find the right pair and match them with suspenders that also match your shoes and belt. Suede loafers and a nice blazer is the perfect casual look.