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Is Rainy Season a Bad Time For Trees?

Jul 3


For good growth, trees have to be well-hydrated in every way possible. The rainy seasons all around can supply your trees with sufficient water to keep them watered, but an excess of rain may also trigger various issues for your trees. The excess rain can inundate the soil and weaken the root systems, as well as producing fungal diseases that thrive in wet conditions. They can impact the appearance and health of your trees. Winds that are strong can also blow branches and trees down during the rainy season.

When you inspect your trees for damages such as cracks and lesions and lesions, you can minimize the possibility of rain damage on your trees. Finding a service that offers stump removal services for trees in Georgetown will help you make sure your trees are healthy. Read on to find out more about how the rainy season can affect the trees.


Too Much Rainwater Can Suffocate Your Trees

A continuous and intense rain could flood the soil with water that can be harmful for trees. Rainwater can cause soil to compact and restrict the roots. Water also hinders the roots from getting enough oxygen. Because the pores of the root are filled with water the tree can run out of oxygen in a matter of hours. The root could start to decay within several days. You must contact an arborist professional like tree stump removal georgetown ky.


People enjoy sandy soil with good drainage. We suggest that you do not take a step onto your lawn after a heavy rainfall in order to avoid soil compaction which can cause the demise of your trees.


If the soil becomes saturated it causes the roots of the tree to shrink. The tree becomes less anchored to the ground over time and can easily fall when struck by strong winds, which could cause severe damage to everything that crosses its way. Because its roots are weakened the tree may be susceptible to various illnesses and illnesses that can affect the appearance of your tree and its overall health.


Georgetown Tree Service will evaluate the condition of your trees and provide you an estimate of their strength and condition. A tree service company close to me will also be able to provide an analysis that can assist you in taking the needed tree care plans to prepare your trees to withstand any weather conditions.


Conditions that are humid and wet create the perfect environment for fungi. The weakening of roots due to excess water won't aid the tree in fighting ailments and infections. Fungal infestations that thrive in wet conditions can be found in.


Powdery Mildew

To find the growth of powdery mildew examine the stems and leaves. The growth of mildew that looks like powder can cause wrinkles on some leaves.


A common fungal infection in trees, anthracnose is often a result in leaf spots and curled leaves.

Root Rot:

Root rot may be caused by a variety of fungi that thrive in moist environments. The most common symptoms are brownish roots or reddish roots. Root rot can become more serious when leaves start to turn yellowish.

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