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Beauty World MRT Station is just two minutes away to Reserve Residences

May 31

The Reserve Residences phase 1 currently available are revealed by URA in the form of an opening tender. The tender allows bidders to participate in an auction for the purchase the design from The Reserve Residences site. The tender being made available by URA invites bidders to submit their ideas as well as estimates of the costs of the idea they'd like to design. The concepts that are published on the Reserve Residences website will be examined in accordance with the established guidelines. The ideas that are selected will be assessed in relation to their price. The URA is planning to turn The Reserve Residences into an important transportation hub , and an outlet mall and transform it into element within Beauty World.

Reserve Residences conceptual designs should include pedestrian walkways as well as public spaces and extravagant interiors. Furthermore, the design should match the amenities available to residents. This is an essential aspect of any commercial or residential property. A person URA official URA officially URA URA will review the plans. URA is officially URA URA will review these plans in order to decide if the layout of the plans is consistent with the site. The idea that is most effective is chosen to move to the next stage of evaluation. The final choice of the decision-making site is made according to the URA at its choice.

The tenders to bid on tenders to tenders in the Jln Anak Bukit concept tender were given by the consortium. It is run through Far East Organization. The consortium comprises FE Landmark, FE Residences Trustee and FEC Retail Trustee. The project is expected to start marketing before June 30 2020. This site is located close to Beauty World Metro station.

The Reserve Residences Concept Plan by Far East

The first concept of The Reserve Residences located in Far East indicates that the project, which is comprised comprising The Jalan Anak Bukit condo, is a mixed use property that is expected to gain from the development of vibrant commercial and residential zones. The Reserve Residences will be a major transportation hub that makes it easy to get around and improve the overall quality of the surrounding area around the property and the residents living within Beauty World. The project will incorporate residential and commercial areas and underground buses located on the second floor as well as a variety of public spaces. The idea is creating a lively city center within Beauty World. The new development will increase the appeal and beauty of Beauty World. It will improve the appeal of the Beauty World estate through attractive designs that are pedestrian-friendly and also an area designed to host events.

The proposed development will consist of the retail, restaurant and entertainment zones along with a space around an acre. This will be used to construct the structure of the Plaza. The proposed development will be an integral piece that will form included in the Beauty World. Beauty World. Beauty World estate. The proposed development will feature the possibility of terraces as well as rooftop gardens that will be surrounded by greenery. The rooftop gardens are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the building and also providing a touch of green along the streets. The project is expected to include 845 luxury units. It will also include 37 floors that are tall.

What are the benefits when you invest in The Residence of the Reserve? The Reserve?

  • The region that forms included in the Reserve Condominium is within Upper Bukit Timah Road, close to the intersection with Clementi Road and the upmarket Bukit Timah district. It's area that is part of a residential area that is a luxury property within Singapore with a wide range of historic properties nearby.
  • The nearest MRT station is one located closest to. It is located near the exit of Beauty World. The station is located within Beauty World Plaza located just across a narrow highway, Bukit Timah Link, from the Reserve condominium. It takes just one or two minutes to traverse.
  • The nearest schools are located in close proximity to this site in Reserve Residences. Reserve Residences is located within one mile away from Pei Hwa Elementary School. It's only a five-minute walk along Upper Bukit Timah Road. The site is located just two kilometers of The Methodist Girl's School, situated in The King Albert Park MRT Station.
  • Recreation facilities are available at The Reserve Residences is located in the opposite direction to Jalan Anak Bukit located within Rifle Range Nature Park, and is located within Bukit Timah Natural Park. Anyone who loves nature and hiking can take pleasure in the nature trails in Bukit Timah Nature Park.
  • Retail stores, F&B, Supermarkets, Banks The area is well-serviced, as all the services are readily available. Within the Reserve Residences located on the Beauty World site there is retail and F&B outlets on lower levels. There are further Supermarkets, F&B, Supermarkets and Banks the Bukit Timah Link. This is sometimes referred to as the Bukit Timah link. The location includes Beauty World Plaza, Beauty World Centre and Bukit Timah Mall. In less than five minutes you can stroll through Bukit Timah Plaza.

Far East Organization

Far East, in conjunction with its subsidiary company based in Hong Kong, Sino Group is one of the biggest real estate firms. The Far East umbrella includes a range of investment and developer businesses that operate across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China; and Australia.

Since 1960 , and even prior to when it was first established, it has been a Group operates as the world's largest property developer and administrator. The Group also owns property that spans the full range of real estate , from industrial healthcareto commercial and commercial properties, to retail, and.

The biggest private property firm has its headquarters located in Singapore; Far East Organization is one of the key components of the growth of Singapore with more than seventy-eight properties in the collection. There are over 55,000 homes, which is one in six properties which are owned by residents inside Singapore. Singapore is the most populated privately owned residential property.

Far East Organization is committed to creating products that enrich the lives of its customers. Customers. Customers and customers. The company has been honoured in eleven FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence awards which is the most prestigious real estate prize in the world.

The property is situated close to The Beauty World MRT Station, The Reserve Residences Condo is easy to access by vehicle using shuttle buses, and taxis. The mixed-use project is situated in an optimal location, and is situated in two zone: Central Business District and Orchard Road. The immediate future of the construction on the Integrated Transport Hub will greatly increase access to the area as well as connect it with major expressways, such as those found on the Pan-Island Expressway, as well in the Bukit Timah Expressway.

Along with connecting to expressways that are vital for the residents of The Reserve Residences Condo will be able to avail of the Nature Trail which is over 24 kilometers. The trail runs for a considerable distance through Singapore to make sure that all residents can enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the location they reside within. The plan was developed to enhance the natural habitat it creates as well as to create green spaces that are essential for area of Singapore's Rail Corridor.

Reserve Residences Reserve Residences Residences Residences Residences Residences are a mixed-use development that is planned for the area that is located close to the MRT Beauty World station. Beauty World is a station located near the MRT. It's an element of the Beauty World precinct and will consist of mixed-use facilities, such as the interconnected hub of transportation , which includes accommodations, dining out and drinking, as well as numerous other services that are connected to. It is located in the property that is located within the GLS neighborhood that is located near Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil. It is located near and near The Beauty World MRT Station, only two minutes away from the property.

The rear part of The Reserve Residences, that at the rear, is an integral part that of The Reserve Residences Condo. This is an additional perk. The location is within various public facilities like Bukit Timah shopping centre, Bukit Timah Mall as well as The Beauty World Metro station as well as Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Furthermore, the condo is located near to the Bukit Timah marketplace. Bukit Timah Market is also an eatery. It is also used for an open market. The accessibility and use offered by residents of The Reserve Residences Condo Jalan Anak Bukit condominium makes it a perfect place to live and work in.

Reserve Residences Connection to major expressways. Reservation Residences connect to Major Expressways

The property is located near The Beauty World MRT Station, The Reserve Residences Condo is easily accessible via shuttle taxi or bus. The mixed-use development is located on an ideal site situated within the two zones in the areas of Central Business District and Orchard Road. It is expected that in the next few years, the construction of construction of an Integrated Transport Hub will greatly increase the accessibility to the area and will also link it to major expressways , like that of the Pan-Island Expressway part of the Bukit Timah Expressway.

In addition to having access to expressways, the those living in The Reserve Residences Condo will have the opportunity to make use from the natural trail which encompasses 24 kilometers. The trail runs across Singapore to make sure that residents are near to nature, no matter what region they live in. The plans were created to improve the conditions that the trail provides and further develop green spaces as essential components that Singapore can offer. Singapore Rail Corridor.