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Outdoor maternity photoshoot planning tips

Nov 25


Some tips that can be useful can be found here:

1. Where can I find a great location to photograph my baby outdoors?

Imagine where you'd like to shoot your photo. It's most likely to be determined by the outfit you'd like to wear for the photoshoot. If you're wearing an asymmetrical or visible pregnancy dress You'll likely want to choose a more private location.

Outside family photography sessions at Las Vegas is a great option because you can choose and pick where you want to take your photos. You can visit tried-and-true spots or go to a new one. Last year, my mother wanted to see pictures of the forest and I set off to search for other locations.


When you are looking for maternity session locations There are a few things I look for. I can pick from a variety of backgrounds based on place. The beach, grassy areas, and perhaps rocks, for example. I wouldn't want to be restricted to one background that includes a beach.

2. It's very light.

Be sure that your subject is adequately lit if you are shooting in low light. If you're shooting during the middle of the day, make sure that your subject is situated in a way where her body is properly lit. Typically, I'd say that the sun is behind the subject. You are aiming for shadows.


Maternity poses for a photoshoot in the outdoors with Puretouch Photography.

This is a great and simple option when the weather is bad. You'll find light, pleasant light wherever you are. To give your photos more life, you can make use of off-camera flash lighting.

Play around with your lighting. Try to make several portraits. To add extra drama to your pregnant images, take several portraits that are backlit.


3. There are a variety of poses to consider for pregnant portraits.

It's not easy to attain the various postures you want to use when filming outside. Mum would mostly be standing, and she'd be in the same belly holding position. I would add variety to the mixture by changing clothes and settings. The beach as well as the grassy areas and then the rocks.

Include your dad in the photos. Since it is impossible for dad to not be in the pictures, I request that they do this. It gives the subjects more character and builds more of a bond between them.

The number of close-up photos or alter the perspective completely. Change the background and the look of the subject by walking around them.


4. Making preparations for a pregnancy photo shoot.

I always advise wearing clothing that accentuates your waistline. Be careful not to be too tight, as the belly will be visible through the clothing. You can wear my pregnant outfits, however, jeans and a beautiful shirt also work.

The location you shoot at and the fashion your mother likes will dictate what you wear for your picture. Some families prefer simple photos of their child's birth. Others may prefer more extravagant attire, making this a truly special occasion. Some couples prefer to take photographs in the park.


5. How to alter your outfit for a photoshoot during pregnancy.

After a few outdoor photoshoots, I realized that I required a solution for clothing changes during photoshoots. I'd had enough getting back to my car to change my clothes. This is particularly true if Mom needs more than three changes. This is a waste of time and work. This also hinders your ability to travel.

As a result, the collapsible stand tent was bought. It was an excellent investment and I am satisfied with it.

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